9 File Extension

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What is the .9 file type?

Similar to other numerical extensions, the .9 extension is primarily associated with versioned Pro/Engineer project files. Pro/Engineer by PTC is a powerful and highly complex CAD (Computer-Aided Design) suite with many sub-releases, targeting different areas of application. Pro/Engineer allows to create very complicated and precise designs in 3D view.

Every project currently opened and worked upon in Pro/Engineer would be backed up automatically, before any changes are committed. With that, a copy of the project is created and assigned a numerical extension in sequence. Thus, a .9 file is the ninth version of a project. This approach allows to keep abundant backup copies, and have all changes easily traceable.

Versioned Pro/Engineer project files are exact copies of the respective project files, and can be opened with Pro/Engineer or imported into other CAD applications.

The trailing string of characters ".9" in a filename can also either become, or appear a filename extension when the original extension is missing or concealed, respectively. It often happens on MS Windows computers with the "Hide extensions..." option turned on (default). This way, the actual extension is hidden, and such a file as above appears to have the .9 extension.

If the original extension is missing, one could try looking into the file's header with a hexadecimal editor (read-only mode), or guess the file type by the file's origin and/or location. Once the correct file type is known, the appropriate extension should be added manually.

The .9 extension and other single-digit numerical extensions can also be assigned to split sections of a larger file, or archive volumes. There are many utilities to split/join files, although most of them would use three-digit extensions like .001, .002, etc.

Software to open or convert 9 files

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