Opening UMX files

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What is the .UMX file type?

The filename extension .umx is known thanks to its denoting the Unreal Music Package (.umx) file type. The .umx file type was introduced by the Unreal Engine, a now-legacy 3D game engine developed by Epic Games and featured in several popular 3D FPS titles such as Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, Rune, and a dozen others. In games based on the Unreal Engine, all game data was stored in the so-called Unreal Engine Packages, which were binary container files for graphics, music, and other data.

The .umx file is an Unreal Engine Package that contains one or more music tracks, to be read and played by the engine during gameplay when triggered by the game's scenario. All UMX music is sample-based, since UMX is essentially a tracker format, derived from the old Amiga MOD specification. UMX music files could be generated using the Unreal Engine official level editor, UnrealEd (UEd). Playback support for Unreal Engine music (.umx) files is provided by a range of multimedia players on different platforms, and the .umx file type is often associated with the default audio player on a given system.


Software to open or convert UMX files

You can open UMX files with the following programs:
AIMP3 by AIMP DevTeam
VAFPlayer by Tuguu SL
OpenMPT by OpenMPT Devs / Olivier Lapicque

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