TBS File Extension

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What is the .TBS file type?

The filename extension .tbs primarily denotes the AVG TuneUp Boot Screen (.tbs) file type, with reference to the AVG TuneUp utility by AVG Technologies. AVG TuneUp is a paid Microsoft Windows application offering multiple performance optimization and customization options for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Besides other features, AVG TuneUp includes the AVG Styler tool to change the default boot screen in Microsoft Windows XP. The .tbs file is a binary snapshot of a bitmap image that can be loaded and applied to change the system boot screen (Windows XP only). Such files use AVG Technologies' proprietary format and can be used with AVG TuneUp only.

Another occurrence of the .tbs extension is related to the TOSHIBA Bulletin Board Share File (.tbs) file type designated by it. TOSHIBA Bulletin Board is a Microsoft Windows application that comes pre-installed on TOSHIBA laptop PC's running Microsoft Windows 7. It provides a customizable homepage space that can include notes, memos, images, or web links in any combination. Sharing such 'bulletin boards' created with TOSHIBA Bulletin Board is done via .tbs files. The .tbs file acts as a pointer to a shared TOSHIBA Bulletin Board asset. On TOSHIBA computers, the .tbs file type is pre-associated with TOSHIBA Bulletin Board.

Referring to RSLogix 5000, a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) design and programming software suite by Rockwell Automation (superseded by Studio 5000 Logix Designer), the .tbs extension denotes the RSLogix 5000 Trend Log (.tbs) file type. An RSLogix 5000 trend log (.tbs) file stores raw data recorded from a PLC device currently being programmed. Such trend logs (.tbs) are used with RSLogix 5000 for debugging purposes. Besides TBS, trend logs can be saved as standard CSV files.

Software to open or convert TBS files

You can open TBS files with the following programs:
AVG PC TuneUp by AVG Technologies
TuneUp Utilities
TuneUp Utilities by TuneUp Software
TOSHIBA Bulletin Board

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