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What is the .SLX file type?

The .slx filename extension primarily represents the Simulink Model File (.slx) file type associated with the newer SLX format, adopted as default for all MathWorks Simulink models from version R2012a and onwards. MathWorks Simulink is an imitation modeling solution by MathWorks integrated in the company's famous technical computation analysis solution MATLAB. SLX supersedes the previous MDL format and allows to achieve smaller file sizes thanks to ZIP compression, has better internalization support, and enables incremental loading. An .slx file is a Simulink model saved in the SLX format. By its internal structure, a Simulink model (.slx) is a regular ZIP archive that contains a structured collection of XML files, with the main model specification defined in the simulink/blockdiagram.xml file. Such models can be opened directly in MathWorks Simulink or MathWorks MATLAB, and also imported in other software via third-party tools such as the Simulink Library for Java. MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink provide native tools for converting legacy MDL models to the SLX format.

Apart from the above, the .slx extension also belongs to the SONY SpectraLayers Pro Project (.slx) file type introduced by SONY SpectraLayers Pro, a commercial application by SONY Corporation for manipulating spectrum data of digitized sound. SpectraLayers Pro projects are saved as .slp or .slx files, with the .slx extension used for the XML version of the format. Such files store the location of the source audio files, the number of layers as well as various metadata such as editing state.

Additionally, the .slx extension is used to denote configuration files (.slx) utilized by Microsoft Windows XP Embedded Target Designer, a component of Microsoft's proprietary Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Tools used to develop custom operating system images for embedded designs. Here, an .slx file is an XML document that stores configuration data for a given embedded runtime image.

Software to open or convert SLX files

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