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What is the .VC file type?

The VC file extension is attributed to source code files written in the VergeC (or VC for short) scripting language. It is used for developing role-playing video games on Windows-based computers, for example for creation of such game elements as map events or battle systems. VC source code files can be opened and modified with an appropriate program.

Basically, there are two types of .vc files: a map VC file and a system VC file. The first one is used to store scripts necessary to create and describe components of a game environment: forests, settlements, buildings, etc. The system .vc file is obligatory for code compilation.

In addition, the VC file extension is associated with VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet program initially created for the Apple II. Its user-friendly interface and simple tabulation structure enable users to perform various types of calculations basing on formulas stored in the cells. VisiCalc files have the same row/column organization as the modern Excel format.

Software to open or convert VC files

You can open VC files with the following programs:
Adobe Premiere Elements
Adobe Premiere Elements by Adobe Systems Incorporated
VeraCrypt by IDRIX
VCDesktop by Unknown

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