NRG File Extension

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What is the .NRG file type?

NRG is a proprietary Disk Image file format created by Nero AG software company for utilization with their CD/DVD imaging and burning software products. Files with the .nrg extension contain CD or DVD images or a collection of custom files and folders that can be mounted as a virtual drive on a user's computer.

Switching to the NRG file format allows users to play media files without the need for the actual physical disc in the hard drive. That's why .nrg files are commonly used for making backup copies of the data located on a CD or DVD. If you lose the original disc, you can restore its complete contents from an .nrg backup file.

Typically, NRG files can be either burned to a disk or converted to standard .iso files. Besides the Nero burning application, there are other handy utilities providing support for this disc image format. You can use third-party NRG viewers to mount .nrg files as virtual discs and play them on your computer or NRG converters to export your files to another format.

Software to open or convert NRG files

You can open NRG files with the following programs: 

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