TS3_PLUGIN File Extension

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What is the .TS3_PLUGIN file type?

The verbose .ts3_plugin filename extension represents the TeamSpeak 3 Plugin Module (.ts3_plugin) file type introduced with TeamSpeak 3, the third generation of the proprietary VoIP (Voice-over-IP) software TeamSpeak developed by TeamSpeak Systems GmbH. TeamSpeak allows concurrent multi-user communication over IP networks in real time and has become very popular among gamers.

A .ts3_plugin file contains an installable plugin module for TeamSpeak 3. It is a regular ZIP archive with a predefined internal structure: a root-level plugin control file ("package.ini") and the "plugins" subfolder, in which the actual plugin program modules (.dll or .so) are located. TeamSpeak 3 plugins (.ts3_plugin) are platform-specific, with separate versions usually available for different platforms. With TeamSpeak 3 installed, the .ts3_plugin file type is usually pre-associated with the TeamSpeak Package Installer ("package_inst.exe" on Microsoft Windows), launched automatically when an attempt is made to open a .ts3_plugin file. Installed plugins can be activated through the Settings → Plugins menu in the TeamSpeak 3 client application.


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