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What is the .LIST file type?

In Debian-style GNU/Linux operating systems such as Ubuntu, the .list filename suffix occurs with reference to package file/directory list files. A .list file (e.g., "amarok-utils.list") is a plaintext hierarchical listing of all files and directories to be created or written for a given software package installed through the Debian package management system (APT via dpkg). For all installed packages, their .list files, along with other dpkg-specific service files, are located in the "/var/lib/dpkg/info/" directory. Certain packages have their .list files empty.

Apart from that, the "sources.list" file in the "/etc/apt/" directory controls the local software sources by providing a list of active binary and source-code repositories from which all software on a Debian-style system is installed or updated on a Debian system.

For convenience's sake, the .list suffix is also commonly used for various list files. A generic .list file is just a list of filenames or pathnames, usually automatically generated by some file management utility or an OS shell command. As a rule, all such .list files are text-based and can be opened in a text editor or passed as arguments to a file manipulation tool or command.

Another incidence of the .list extension is related to JarIndex files ("INDEX.list") created in the "META-INF" directory inside Java application archives (JAR). The "INDEX.list" file provides a plaintext list of classes and other resources in one or more .jar archives. Indexed JAR's are mainly used in web Java applications, so that classes' locations are known in advance and only the necessary .jar files are downloaded, saving the bandwidth and improving responsiveness. One can add an index ("INDEX.list") to any JAR by using the "jar -i" command.

The railroad vehicle and tracks simulation software GENSYS from AB DEsolver uses the .list extension for ASCII data files generated in the human-readable form by the GENSYS cata_gp tool from the complex GPdat calculation output format.

Software to open or convert LIST files

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