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What is the .RTD file type?

The filename extension .rtd primarily represents the Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Project (.rtd) file type used by Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis, an advanced commercial structural analysis and BIM (Building Information Model) tool by Autodesk Inc. An .rtd file is an Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis project file saved in the software's native format, propriertary to Autodesk. The RTD format is based on Microsoft's OLE2 Compound Document Storage format. Logically, an .rtd file is a building or structure model openable in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. Sample RTD models are included with every Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis installation, located in the "..\ProgramData\Autodesk\examples\" folder. To be imported in other Autodesk CAD software such as Autodesk Revit, native Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis projects (.rtd) must be exported in .rvt or .smxx formats.

Alternatively, the .rtd extension is associated with the RagTime Document (.rtd) file type. RagTime is an office productivity and desktop publishing (DTP) solution for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X offered commercially by RagTime.de Development GmbH. RagTime documents are saved in its native RTD format, which is a proprietary binary format. In a single RagTime document (.rtd), multiple other documents in different formats such as spreadsheets, graphics, etc. can be seamlessly combined and edited. Using external PDF creation tools, RagTime projects (.rtd) can be exported to printer-ready PDF documents. Unlike regular documents (.rtd), RagTime document templates are saved with the .rtt extension.

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