11T File Extension

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What is the .11T file type?

The filename extension .11t belongs to a family of similar alphanumeric extensions used by StudioTax. StudioTax is a free-to-use proprietary software written and distributed by BHOK IT Consulting in Canada to assist Canadian taxpayers with filing their personal tax return forms to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Available for both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS, StudioTax exists in a series of versions, each version matching a particular fiscal year and using a distinct extension for that year's return files.

For instance, StudioTax 2011 explicitly uses the .11t extension for 2011 tax return files, much like the previous version of the software, StudioTax 2010, used the .10t extension for the same purpose. Extensions like .11t, .10t, etc. are indicative of the tax return year and the version of StudioTax. Each subsequent version of StudioTax has the ability to import the previous year's files, so 2011 return (.11t) files can be opened in both StudioTax 2011 and StudioTax 2012, and possibly, later versions. In order to actually submit a tax return, the .11t file (in case of 2011) must be exported using StudioTax Netfile wizard and saved in the NETFILE (.tax) format accepted by CRA for electronic return submissions.


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