XVX File Extension

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What is the .XVX file type?

Presumably standing for "Xunlei Video eXtended," the filename extension .xvx represents the Xunlei (Thunder) Media File (.xvx) file type introduced by Thunder Network for their Microsoft Windows-based Xunlei Media Player software, known as XMP. Thunder Network is an established Chinese content provider positioning XMP as the player of choice for their digitally streamed multimedia. Besides streaming, XMP allows to make local copies of multimedia content received from the Xunlei network, saving such copies as .xv or .xvx files.

An .xvx file is a digital multimedia file created by XMP, apparently using a proprietary modification of the standard MPEG-4 (MP4) container format, most probably with an additional DRM mechanism. Such files can be opened for playback in XMP only. Besides XMP, only selected software or hardware (such as Xiaomi MiBox) claims playback support for the .xv and .xvx formats, and no general-purpose multimedia player supports them directly.


Software to open or convert XVX files

You can open XVX files with the following programs:
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桁E10 by Kanrikogaku Kenkyusho, Ltd.

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