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What is the .AEP file type?

The primary association of the .aep filename extension goes with the Adobe After Effects Project (AEP) file type and format, with reference to Adobe After Effects (AE). AE is a powerful commercial non-linear editing (NLE) tool by Adobe targeted at professional video production with complex effects, overlays, transitions, and multiple output formats.

An .aep file is an Adobe After Effects project file. AEP files use a proprietary binary format that can be read by AE only. AE project files (.aep) contain references to all media files included in them, using absolute paths, which makes .aep projects themselves not easily movable. For moving an .aep project and consolidating media clips, AE provides several built-in actions.

AEP files themselves do not contain any actual video data, and before publishing or uploading, any .aep project must be rendered or exported into a standard video file.

Additionally, the .aep extension also represents the Advanced Encryption Package Encrypted File (.aep) file type in conjunction with Advanced Encryption Package, a paid data security software by InterCrypto. The .aep extension is appended to the original filename and extension of any file encrypted with this tool (e.g., "My secret document.docx.aep"). AEP files cannot be accessed in any way, except by decryption through the Advanced Encryption Package utility.

Apart from that, the .aep extension also occurs in association with the Esri ArcExplorer Project (.aep) file type/format. ArcExplorer is a freeware tool for mobile (iOS) and desktop (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X) OS'es by Esri to view, analyze, and organize GIS maps. AEP files are used by ArcExplorer to save user projects that include custom maps, comments, sketches, and other GIS data.

The .aep extension also has an association with the Activ E-Book Compiler Project (.aep) file type/format used by Active E-Book Compiler, a commercial e-book authoring software by Answers 2000 Limited. Here, an .aep file is a working e-book project. It is a binary file in a proprietary format (AEP) that can be opened with Activ E-book Compiler only and must be compiled into a Microsoft Windows executable binary (.exe) for publishing.

Lastly, the .aep extension was also once used in association with the ASF Editor Project (.aep) file type and format related to ASF Editor, an old Microsoft NetShow tool to edit Advanced Streaming Format (ASF) files.

Software to open or convert AEP files

You can open AEP files with the following programs:
Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe After Effects CC by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe After Effects CS6 by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe After Effects CS4
Adobe After Effects CS4 by Adobe Systems Incorporated

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