XDI File Extension

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What is the .XDI file type?

A file with the .xdi file extension represents a compressed disc image created by WinArchiver software utility. Besides creating, editing and opening popular archive formats, the program can also compress disc images and save them as XDI (Extended Disc Image) files.

XDI is the WinArchiver’s proprietary disk image format. XDI files offer a high compression rate making disc images smaller and therefore quicker to upload or download. They also provide the possibility to protect the archives with a password or split them to several volumes.

It is possible to decompress .xdi files back to the ISO file format or mount them as virtual drives using the program’s tools. However, since WinArchiver is available only for Windows, you will need to find alternative solutions for opening .xdi files on other platforms.

In addition, the .xdi file extension is assigned to dimension worksheet files used in IBM Cognos TM1 business planning software. These .xdi files represent modified versions of Microsoft Excel worksheets listing data for one dimension.

The XDI file extension is also used in the FrameMaker Developer’s Kit designed to extend the functionality of Adobe FrameMaker application. In this case, an .xdi file represents a text file storing resource statement data necessary to manage dialog boxes within the Kit.

Software to open or convert XDI files

You can open XDI files with the following programs:
WinArchiver by Power Software Ltd
WinArchiver by WinArchiver Computing, Inc.

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