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What is the .44 file type?

The primary occurrence of numerical indexes like .44 as filename extensions is associated with the generic Pro/ENGINEER Versioned Project Backup file type. Pro/ENGINEER by PTC is a highly complex and powerful parametric CAD system that exists in several industry-specific releases. In Pro/ENGINEER, a system of versioned backups is used to ensure data preservation and traceability of changes in project files.

Every time a project is changed, a copy of its previous state is saved in a different file with a sequential numerical index like .44 added as its extension. So, the .44 file is the forty-fourth revision of a Pro/ENGINEER project. Such versioned backups are saved in the same locations and preserve indication to their original file types through dual extensions like .prt.44. Versioned backups (.44 and similar) can be opened in Pro/ENGINEER the same way as regular project files.

Dotted numerical strings like .44 may look like filename extensions or, in fact, become technical extensions, when a file's true extension is hidden or missing for some reasons. On Microsoft Windows, the default behavior is to conceal extensions for known file types as controlled by the corresponding option in Windows Explorer. When the true extension is hidden, any dotted index like .44 at the end of the filename may appear as its extension. To avoid confusion, the "Hide extensions..." option should be disabled at all times. When the true extension is actually missing, the rightmost dotted part of the filename becomes a technical extension, bearing no information whatsoever as to the file's type or format. If the file's true format is known, a proper extension should be added manually.

Software to open or convert 44 files

You can open 44 files with the following programs:
3D-Tool by 3D-Tool GmbH & Co. KG
3D-Tool by 3D-Tool

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