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What is the .SG file type?

The filename extension .sg is primarily associated with the SEGA SG-1000 ROM Image (.sg) file type and format. It is directly related to SEGA SG-1000, an obsolete gaming console sold by Sega in early 1980's. Based on Zilog's Z-80 CPU and capable of displaying 16-color graphics, SEGA SG-1000 had used ROM-based game cartridges. Long after the its disappearance from the market, the console is still virtually alive thanks to software emulation by several independent projects.

To handle the issue of removable game cartridges, a special file format was devised by the SEGA SG-1000 emulation programmers. Denoted as .sg to match the console's model index, it allows to save images of the original ROM cartridges and use such images as virtual cartridges with several SEGA SG-1000 emulators. Thus, the .sg file is a SEGA SG-1000 game cartridge image. Although all original SEGA SG-1000 game content is still copyrighted material, images of game cartridges for this console (.sg) can be located and downloaded from multiple sources on the Internet.

Alternatively, the .sg extension represents the SCID Game (.sg) file type/format used by the open-source SCID (Shane's Chess Information Database) chess project. In SCID, the .sg file is a binary database in which chess games are stored in a very compact form. The .sg file is a part of the standard SKID dataset comprised of the index (.si), name (.sn), and game (.sg) files. Adding or replacing SKID chess games frequently results in the game file bloat which can be remedied by its compaction.

Additionally, the .sg extension is associated with the Disciples II Saved Game (.sg) file type/format used by the legacy turn-based strategy game Disciples II from Strategy First. In Disciples II, saved games are stored as .sg files in the "%UserProfile%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\Strategy First\Disciples 2\SaveGame" folder (Windows 7 x64) or its equivalent.

Software to open or convert SG files

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