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What is the .ORDEREDTEST file type?

The verbose filename extension .orderedtest is used by the Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) to denote its ordered test files. In Microsoft Visual Studio, an ordered test, as represented by the .orderedtest file, is a sequence of individual tests selected by the developer (except load tests) that can be performed in a certain order. Ordered tests are mainly used to test user interfaces.

The .orderedtest file is an XML document acting as a binding container for several individual tests referenced in the <TestLink> elements by their globally unique identifiers (GUID), names, object models, etc. An ordered test may include other ordered tests. New ordered tests are created using the "Add New Test > Ordered Test" dialog and saved in the current project's directory. Creating an ordered test requires existence of the single tests that are intended to be included in it. When loaded in Microsoft Visual Studio's Test Explorer, each ordered test (.orderedtest) appears as a single entity. Upon completion of an ordered test, the combined results of its individual tests are displayed.


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