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What is the .FSE file type?

Representing the EPSON PC Free Slide Show (.fse) file type, the .fse filename extension belongs to EPSON's proprietary file format for PC Free presentations supported by certain EPSON projectors like PowerLite 1940W WXGA 3LCD. PC Free is a projector's standalone working mode for which computer connection is not required. In addition to FSE, EPSON projectors support a range of other text, image, and movie formats.

The .fse file is a PC Free slide show scenario, converted from a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. EasyMP Slide Converter is EPSON's proprietary tool for such conversion, accepting a .ppt/.pps/.pptx file as input to generate a PC Free slide show scenario (.fse) or simplified image sequence (.sit) as output. The .fse or .sit file is then put on a USB storage device, to be directly plugged in a compatible EPSON projector for automatic playback as controlled by the AutoRun feature. FSE files are intended to be used directly with EPSON projectors and cannot be opened on PC, except when previewed in EasyMP Slide Converter after conversion.

Alternatively, the .fse extension is used in some Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) games, such as Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core, to denote one of the two disk image files ("discimg.fse", besides "discimg.pkg") inside the standard ISO 9660 container (.iso). The "discimg.fse" file contains the necessary information for opening the actual image file ("discimg.pkg"). There are several unofficial tools that can open such .fse/.pkg images and extract game resources from them.

Software to open or convert FSE files

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