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What is the .AIR file type?

The .air extension is primarily associated with the Adobe AIR Installation Package (AIR) file type and format. Standing for Adobe Integrated Runtime, AIR is a proprietary cross-platform runtime framework developed and maintained by Adobe. Relying on Adobe Flash, HTML/CSS, Apache Flex, Ajax and other technologies, AIR is used to author and execute Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on several major platforms.

An .air file is a installation package of an RIA application, compiled in a binary form from an ActionScript (.as) source code file. ActionScript applications can be developed and distributed as AIR packages with the AIR SDK (Software Development Kit), available from Adobe. An .air file cannot be executed by itself.

For an .air installation package to be installed, the AIR runtime environment must be currently present on the machine/device. In most cases, the AIR file type is automatically associated with the current AIR framework installation.

In flight simulation, the .air extension is associated with the AIR file format and serves to identify flight dynamics files (.air) used with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MS FS). MS FS is an advanced and realistic airplane flight simulation application for MS Windows.

Such .air files contain sophisticated aerodynamic factors that entirely define behavior of an airplane model within a simulation. AIR files can be edited with the free Abacus Flight Dynamics Editor tool, however, a good working knowledge of airplane dynamics is required.

With M.U.G.E.N, a 2D fighting video game engine by Elecbyte, the .air extension is used to denote text-based animation action files (.air). In M.U.G.E.N, an animation action is a programmed sequence of sprite (.sff) changes that creates an animation effect.

Software to open or convert AIR files

You can open AIR files with the following programs:
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR by Adobe Systems Incorporated
Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR by Adobe Systems Inc.
Adobe AIR

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