SMFMF File Extension

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What is the .SMFMF file type?

The .smfmf extension belongs to the binary SMFMF music progression data format, denoting multimedia description files automatically generated by multimedia applications. Among such, SMFMF is expressly used by iTunes, a powerful multimedia organizer and player by Apple.

An .smfmf file is a small binary file with the "GBPMSTAEMMLW" signature in the file's header. The file contains music progression data, i.e. compact binary profile of an audio file, obtained through analyzing the file's waveform contents. Such digital footprint data are used as unique ID labels for musical files. SMFMF metadata are actively employed by major musical databases such as CDDB, GraceNote, etc.

iTunes automatically generates and stores .smfmf files inside subdirectories, with each subdirectory named after the respective audio file (e.g. "Your Star.m4a.smfmf" inside the "Your Star.m4a.files" subdirectory). Besides iTunes, SMFMF metadata files can be created and processed by other multimedia applications.

SMFMF data files are not meant to be opened directly, as they are used by multimedia applications to identify and organize audio files.

Software to open or convert SMFMF files

You can open SMFMF files with the following programs:
iTunes by Apple Inc.
VLC media player
VLC media player by VideoLAN

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