HBD File Extension

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What is the .HBD file type?

The filename extension .hbd is primarily associated with the HardlinkBackup Backup Definition (.hbd) file type. HardlinkBackup is a closed-source .NET-based Microsoft Windows application written by Thomas L. Wolf (Lupinho.Net) for automating data backups on NTFS volumes using the hardlink mechanism. For each backup task processed by HardlinkBackup, the application creates a backup definition file (.hbd) that keeps all settings and defines source and target directories. It is a text-based XML document, directly viewable in any text editor. The .hbd file is usually saved in the target directory, along with an associated subfolder containing the backed up data, although it can be saved to any location by using the "Save as" menu command. HardlinkBackup associates itself with the .hbd file type during installation, making it possible to open any backup with a double-click on its definition file (.hbd).

Another function of the .hbd extension has to do with the compressed, serialized format used by Harbour to store its documentation. Harbour is an open-source, multi-platform, and portable DBMS programming language based on xBase and compatible with Clipper. A single .hbd file is a compressed binary archive in which hashes and raw text data are stored for each individual document included in the package. Intended as source for publishing to HTML or PDF, such Harbour documentation (.hbd) can be viewed inside the hbide development environment.

Software to open or convert HBD files

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