DCO File Extension

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What is the .DCO file type?

The DCO file extension is associated with Safetica (formerly called DisCryptor), a software utility used for prevention of an unintentional or intentional release of secure information. Designed for Windows-based computers, the program is capable of encrypting an entire partition or a removable storage device, for example, a hard drive or a USB flash drive.

A file containing the .dco extension represents an encrypted virtual disk archive created using the Safetica application. When mounted, a DCO disk behaves similar to a classical hard disc - it becomes possible to open, copy or modify its encrypted contents.

DCO files may be encrypted using different encrypting algorithms: for example, Twofish, Blowfish, Serpent, and AES256-Rijndael are recommended for encrypting high-risk materials, while RC5 and RC6 would fit for frequent and bulky data transfers.

DCO files work similar to DCF files also created with Safetica. The difference is that .dco files represent virtual discs while .dcf files – standard file archives. If an unauthorized person decides to open a DCO file, he/she won't be able to access its contents without knowledge of the password or security key.

Software to open or convert DCO files

You can open DCO files with the following programs:
GW3708 by GEWISS S.p.A.
Data Compare for Oracle
Data Compare for Oracle by Red Gate Software Ltd

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