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What is the .NCO file type?

The .nco extension belongs to the Nero BackItUp Backup (NCO) file type introduced and utilized by the Nero BackItUp tool, part of the popular Nero family of optical disk and multimedia authoring applications. Nero BackItUp is a dedicated tool to make backup copies of files, directories, or entire disk volumes.

For each backup made with Nero BackItUp, a single .nbi file, and a series of .nco files are created. The .nbi file is a backup information file (metadata), while the .nco files contain actual user data.

An .nco file is a compressed backup created by Nero BackItUp. Basically, it is a ZIP archive with a different extension because Nero BackItUp uses ZIP compression. Besides compression, NCO files can be also password-protected and encrypted (56-bit key).

The .nco extension is normally appended to the file's original filename and extension, i.e. "document.docx" becomes "document.docx.nco".

As a workaround for the controversial handling of its own .nco archives by the Nero BackItUp tool, unencrypted .nco backups can be easily restored with just any ZIP-enabled archive manager, if the .nco extension is changed to .zip.

Software to open or convert NCO files

You can open NCO files with the following programs:
Nero BackItUp
Nero BackItUp by Nero AG
PowerArchiver by ConeXware, Inc.
Ashampoo ZIP Pro
Ashampoo ZIP Pro by Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG

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