AAX File Extension

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What is the .AAX file type?

The .aax extension is bound up with the proprietary Audible Enhanced Audio (AAX) format and is found in AAX audio files. AAX has been developed and introduced by Audible, Inc., a division of Amazon, as an extension and replacement of the AA audio book format. Internally, AAX uses the AAC audio compression codec.

An .aax file is an audio book file in the AAX format. Unlike the earlier AA format, AAX has stronger DRM features and supports in-story displayable graphics when played on screen-based devices. AAX also provides generally higher sound quality.

AAX audio books, available with Amazon and other media sites, are downloadable as .aax files and supported by popular Windows and MacOS (iOS) software players and portable devices. Thanks to image support, AAX is especially popular as media for children books.

Because of DRM restrictions, an active account with Audible would normally be required to listen to AAX books, even locally. Due to the same DRM limitations, AAX audio files cannot be easily converted into other formats.

Software to open or convert AAX files

You can open AAX files with the following programs: 

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