VHD File Extension

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What is the .VHD file type?

VHD is a disk image file format used by Microsoft Windows Virtual Server and Hyper-V hypervisor. Starting from June 2005, the VHD specification has become available for all interested parties engaged in software development.

VHD files are used as individual fixed hard disks connected to a computer. They enable users to create backups of their existing HDDs, install several different operating systems on a single host machine or evaluate work of test programs in different environments.

VHD disk images replicate the complete contents of a physical hard drive including all its files and folders. These structural elements are aggregated into one individual file that can be used the same way as if it were a regular physical hard disk.

There are two main types of .vhd disk images: the first one is a fixed virtual disk image that uses the maximum amount of disk space specified at the time of its creation, and the second one is an expandable virtual disk image that takes up as much disc space as needed.

Software to open or convert VHD files

You can open VHD files with the following programs:
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite by Disc Soft Ltd
7-Zip by Igor Pavlov
DAEMON Tools Ultra
DAEMON Tools Ultra by Disc Soft Ltd

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