CDI File Extension

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What is the .CDI file type?

Apparently a shorthand for 'CD Image,' the filename extension .cdi denotes the DiscJuggler Disk Image (.cdi) file type associated with the legacy DiscJuggler software (Padus, Inc.). DiscJuggler is an aging CD/DVD image creation and burning utility for Microsoft Windows, capable of handling multiple disk image formats and most noted for its own proprietary format, CDI. The .cdi file is a DiscJuggler CD/DVD disk image representing a full copy of the original CD/DVD medium, sufficient for its identical reproduction. The .cdi file can be directly mounted on a virtual drive or burned onto a physical medium. Besides DiscJuggler, the CDI disk image format is directly supported by several other utilities, and such images can be converted to the standard ISO format. DiscJuggler and its CDI image format both became quite popular by virtue of the fact that they were successfully used to create and burn images of game disks for the SEGA Dreamcast gaming console.

Additionally, the .cdi extension represents the INTEX DealMaker Deal Structure (.cdi) file type associated with the highly specialized investment structure and performance analysis software INTEX DealMaker by Intex Solutions, Inc. A .cdi file generated by INTEX DealMaker represents an analytical model of an investment deal prepared using the Intex CMO Modeling Language and saved in a source code-like text format. Intended to be opened with INTEX software only, such .cdi files provide the so-called Hypothetical Performance Data and are used to review the planned investment transactions before they actually happen.

Software to open or convert CDI files

You can open CDI files with the following programs:
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite by Disc Soft Ltd
PowerISO by Power Software Ltd
DAEMON Tools Lite
DAEMON Tools Lite by DT Soft Ltd
DAEMON Tools Pro
DAEMON Tools Pro by DT Soft Ltd
DAEMON Tools Ultra
DAEMON Tools Ultra by Disc Soft Ltd

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