AMR File Extension

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What is the .AMR file type?

The .amr file extension associates with the patented Adaptive Multi-Rate (AMR) format widely used in GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) communications.

The AMR format originated in an effort to maintain sufficient speech quality under cellular interference. Its main purpose is to handle speech in a narrow bandwidth. The principle behind AMR is to adaptively change compression depending on the line conditions.

An .amr file is a narrow-band audio recording made in the AMR format. AMR files were originally used to store voice memos and voice-mail messages. An AMR file would generally have a relatively small size as a trade-off for audio quality.

AMR files can be recorded and played back by most mobile phone devices. While a number of media players offer support for .amr files, this format is better handled by software suites, specific to each cellular phone brand (e.g., Nokia, Apple, Samsung etc.). There are also many standalone and bundled converters for the AMR format.

Software to open or convert AMR files

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