DV4 File Extension

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What is the .DV4 file type?

The .dv4 extension associates with the proprietary digital video compression format initially developed by Bosch and usually referred to as the Bosch Security Systems CCTV Video Format (DV4). DV4 is based upon the MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 codec. Currently, DV4—along with a number of similar, yet incompatible private formats—is actively employed in the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) market.

A .dv4 file is a digital video recording made by a DVR system in the DV4 format. The use of the DV4 file type by different CCTV systems does not guarantee compatibility of their respective video compression formats. Many Asian-made DVR systems would save archive video recordings into .dv4 files, while all DVR systems usually come with bundled software that includes a player utility to play their own video files.

Generally not playable with most media players, DV4 files can be opened and played back with the Bosch Security Systems Archive Player or several generic H.264 playback utilities (e.g., PlayerLiteH, VideoPlayer by AVTech, etc.).

Software to open or convert DV4 files

You can open DV4 files with the following programs:
PlayerLiteHJ by AVTECH
VideoPlayer by AVTECH
Style Converter
Style Converter by Roland Corporation

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