AMV File Extension

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What is the .AMV file type?

The .amv filename extension represents the AMV Video (.amv, .mtv) file type, with reference to a non-standard, proprietary format designed by the Chinese manufacturers of Portable Multimedia Player (PMP) devices, commonly referred to as MP3 or MP4 players. With its low compression, low frame rate (12-16 fps), low resolution (up to 208×176), and poor video quality, the AMV format specifically targets low-end devices whose CPU power is insufficient for processing more computationally-intensive formats.

The .amv file is a video file saved in the AMV format. Denoted also with the .mtv extension, such files use a modified AVI container and the Motion JPEG (MJPEG) video codec in combination with a version of the IMA ADPCM audio codec. AMV videos can be directly played on most portable MP3/MP4 player devices of the Chinese origin, some of which come with AMV encoders/converters.

The AMV format has been reverse-engineered and its support added to ffmpeg, so all ffmpeg-based media players are capable of opening .amv files for playback. Besides, quite a few converters allow to convert standard multimedia files into the AMV format.

Software to open or convert AMV files

You can open AMV files with the following programs: 

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