STREAM File Extension

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What is the .STREAM file type?

When appearing as a filename extension, the suffix .stream serves as a very generic denotation of stream files. Generally, a stream file contains a copy of some data captured as a stream and saved as is. Such files may be created by software for caching purposes, as temporary placeholders for multimedia or other information required for the duration of its processing (e.g., transcoding or else). In most cases, .stream files are temporary files that are handled automatically by the software that uses them.

As a more specific use case, the .stream extension may denote elementary video streams that are captured and saved unchanged. Saving and reading such elementary streams (.stream or other) directly is usually faster without the container encoding/decoding overhead. And so, the .stream extension is often assigned to encoded video streams generated by DVR/CCTV surveillance systems. As a rule, such .stream files use proprietary modifications of standard MPEG or other multimedia containers and can only be opened and played back using proprietary software included with the particular DVR/CCTV device.


Software to open or convert STREAM files

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