ASHX File Extension

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What is the .ASHX file type?

Associated with the ASP.NET Web Handler (ASHX) file type, the .ashx extension denotes special handler files that can be used to process HTTP requests by ASP.NET-powered web sites. ASP.NET is a proprietary web-oriented development and runtime platform by Microsoft, related to the earlier ASP (Active Server Pages) technology, but completely re-worked to become part of the .NET family.

Basically, an .ashx file is a text-based file that contains a small portion (often, one line) of C♯ source code, an implementation of any server-side actions desired for handling a specific URL (Uniform Resource Locator) query. ASHX handlers are activated through URL's being mapped to them via server configuration.

ASHX files are called web handlers because they enable an ASP.NET-based server to specifically process certain data types, URL's, or HTTP requests, as well as take actions depending on incoming URL strings.

ASHX files are not seen by web browsers, as the latter would only get responses that are the result of their queries having been processed by appropriate .ashx handlers.

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