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What is the .13 file type?

Along with other numerical extensions, the .13 extension has its primary association with the Pro/Engineer Versioned Project file type. Pro/Engineer is the PTC's flagship CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software system, highly complex and exceedingly powerful. Pro/Engineer finds its use in a range of technology-intensive areas, incl. shipbuilding, automotive, medical, space and many other industries.

Every time any current project worked upon in the Pro/Engineer environment is saved, a different file is created—a versioned project. Such a versioned project file would have a numerical extension appended to its original extension (e.g., ".1" for the first version, etc.). Thus, the .13 extension would denote the thirteenth version of a Pro/Engineer project file.

Alternatively, the .13 extension is used to identify game music files that belong to the Salt Lake Winter Olympics 2002 computer game (PC/PlayStation/GBA) by Eidos Interactive/Ubisoft. The game uses such binary .13 files to store compressed in-game music tracks. Such .13 files are not intended to and cannot be opened directly for playback.

Also, the ".13" string can sometimes look like a filename extension on MS Windows machines with the "Hide extensions..." option turned on (default). In fact, in most cases it is just a dotted part of the filename, e.g. to indicate the file's current version like in "[filename].13[.hidden_extension]". To avoid confusion, the "Hide extensions..." option should be always turned off, so that the actual extension and file type can be seen.

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