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What is the .WPP file type?

WebPlus Site Project (.wpp) is the file type primarily associated with the .wpp filename extension. This file type is associated with WebPlus, a legacy website design tool that was developed and commercially distributed by Serif Corporation. WebPlus has been discontinued in favor of Serif's new design series named Affinity. With reference to WebPlus, a .wpp file is a website project. It is a relatively small file that describes the structure of a website and keeps references to all assets used in the project like graphics or external files. WPP files themselves are not HTML and cannot be directly read by web browsers. Instead, any website authored in WebPlus (.wpp) must be produced as HTML prior to being published online.

Another file type represented by the .wpp extension is the WavePad Sound Editor Project (.wpp) file type. It is associated with WavePad, an advanced digital sound editor developed by NCH Software with a free license for home users. Here, a .wpp file is an audio project created and saved in WavePad. The .wpp file uses a binary format and incorporates the actual waveform data of any audio pieces that make up the project. When opened in WavePad, any audio project (.wpp) can be exported to a number of audio formats using the Save As... dialog. The .wpp file type is pre-associated with WavePad as part of its installation process.

The .wpp extension also belongs to the WINDEV Mobile project (.wpp) file type associated with WINDEV Mobile, a commercial Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool by PC SOFT focused on developing mobile applications. WPP is the main project type used by WINDEV Mobile. As a top-level umbrella structure, the .wpp file contains references to the analysis, UML model, style sheet, data files, and other items associated with the project. Besides WINDEV Mobile, .wpp files can be opened in WEBDEV and WINDEV.

Additionally, the .wpp extension denotes the WordPerfect Color Palette (.wpp) file type utilized by the WordPerfect word processing application (Corel Corp.). WordPerfect uses .wpp files to save custom color palettes created by the user.

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