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What is the .SHA1 file type?

The .sha1 filename extension is a conventional representation of the SHA-1 Checksum/Digest (.sha1) file type. SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a standard (RFC 3174) method of generating irreversible cryptographic hashes. A SHA-1 checksum, or digest is a unique 160-bit (40 hexadecimal characters) hash generated against a file or other digital data. SHA-1 checksums are widely used for file identification and data integrity verification purposes.

The .sha1 file is a short text file, often with the "SHA-1 Digest" string in the first line, that contains one or more such SHA-1 hashes, each matched against the filename of its source file. Usually, the .sha1 suffix is appended to the original filename or, if several files are covered, to the common filename part. Directly viewable as text, any SHA-1 digest (.sha1) can be passed to a SHA-1 utility as an argument to verify data integrity by comparing the hash in the .sha1 file with the hash freshly calculated from the data file.

Besides the Unix-style "sha1sum" utility and its ports, SHA-1 checksum files (.sha1) can be generated by web servers, IDE modules, applications, and even dedicated online sites.

Software to open or convert SHA1 files

You can open SHA1 files with the following programs:
TeraCopy by Code Sector
TeraCopy alpha
TeraCopy alpha by Code Sector
TeraCopy RC
TeraCopy RC by Code Sector
TeraCopy alfa
TeraCopy alfa by Code Sector

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