ASPX File Extension

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What is the .ASPX file type?

The .aspx filename extension is used to point out to the 'Active Server Pages, Extended' file format and file type. ASPX is a proprietary server-side dynamic web-page and scripting format maintained by Microsoft (MS) within the scope of its ASP.NET framework. ASPX is an advancement and extension of the MS earlier ASP technology. ASPX is similar to PHP, ASP and other server-side preprocessor technologies.

An .aspx file is a source code of a static HTML web page with inclusion of server-side script inserts in either C# or VBScript. Such scripts enable dynamic page generation or modification 'on the fly' as the page is requested by a client. All scripts are compiled/interpreted and run on the server so that a client receives the resulting plain HTML document.

ASPX files are plaintext, human-readable and editable in any text editor, although they are normally created and edited within an ASP.NET development environment. ASPX pages are usually used within ASP.NET-based web projects on MS IIS (Internet Information Services) servers.

Software to open or convert ASPX files

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