OTDF File Extension

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What is the .OTDF file type?

The filename extension .otdf represents the ERDAS Optimized Tile Delivery Format (OTDF) and the respective file type, associated with the ERDAS APPOLO (ERDAS Image Web Server) geospatial information delivery system by Hexagon AB. To efficiently serve map images over the web, ERDAS APOLLO uses a set of technologies such as Optimized Tile Delivery Format (OTDF), Enhanced Compression Wavelet Protocol (ECWP), and others.

An .otdf file represents a graphical image converted to OTDF using the OTDF Builder software shipped with the ERDAS Image Web Server. Although taking up more disk space than their .jp2 or .ecw counterparts, OTDF images are specially designed for high-performance streaming of map tiles taking advantage of the Optimized Tile Delivery feature. Internally, OTDF combines JPEG and PNG to provide transparency support in edge regions of the image. OTDF image files are intended to be used with the ERDAS Image Web Server. On a PC, .otdf images and other geospatial data files can be opened using the free ERDAS ER Viewer.


Software to open or convert OTDF files

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