AUBACKUP File Extension

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What is the .AUBACKUP file type?

The .aubackup dotted character string does not appear as a valid filename extension. However, it may be used by some custom-made software or individuals to label their data files that are most probably related to an automatic backup procedure. Alternatively, the .aubackup string may relate to backup files created by the Automatic Update (AU) engine provided with several Trend Micro, Inc. data security products such as Trend Micro Antivirus or Trend Micro Office Scan. All backups made by the AU utility were listed in the AuBackup.ini file, to enable a rollback if necessary. AUBACKUP may also be associated with a legacy shareware backup utility named AuBackup that was released for Microsoft Windows by its author, A.Svotnev (2004). Although, no .aubackup files were created or used by the AuBackup utility. The .aubackup file type is not currently associated with any specific software and is not automatically registered in Microsoft Windows or other operating systems.

Software to open or convert AUBACKUP files

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