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What is the .SCM file type?

Primarily, the .scm extension is related to ScreenCam, a commercial screen recording tool for PC/MS Windows by SmartGuyz (initially developed by Lotus), and serves to denote video recordings (.scm) made with ScreenCam. ScreenCam allows to capture composite desktop screen output generated by the video card driver and record it as video stream into a file, using the proprietary SCM format.

An .scm file is a digital multimedia file that contains a ScreenCam recording (with optional audio). Besides ScreenCam, SCM video files are directly playable by some media players (incl. dedicated SCM players) and can be converted into other, standard video formats.

Quite differently, the .scm extension is also associated with the GTA III Compiled Mission Script (SCM) file format and type. GTA stands for Grand Theft Auto, being the name of a very popular series of multi-platform 3D video games by Rockstar Games. Those include GTA: Vice City, GTA: San Andreas, and others. GTA games are based on the CLEO engine that uses .scm compiled scripts to shape/modify the game's behavior.

Within GTA, an .scm file is a structured binary file with scripted game actions, objects, event triggers, etc. There are multiple independent (incl. homebrew) tools to author, compile/decompile, and otherwise manipulate .scm files for GTA. SCM compiled scripts ("main.scm", etc.) are the main target of the GTA modding.

As an acronym for 'StarCraft Map,' the .scm extension has an association with the StarCraft Scenario Map (SCM) file format/type. StarCraft is a cult single- and multi-player computer game by Blizzard Entertainment, featuring both RTS (Real-Time Strategy) combat and resource management in a hi-tech, futuristic environment. In StarCraft, an .scm file is a campaign or standalone scenario map in the proprietary SCM format, intended for the use with the original StarCraft game. StarCraft add-ons and extensions, such as Broodwar, may additionally use .scx map files.

Alternatively, the .scm extension is conventionally assigned to the Scheme source-code files (.scm). A Scheme .scm file contains the plaintext source code of a program (script) in the Scheme programming language. Scheme is widely used as an embedded scripting language. For instance, custom material definition files (.scm) used with the ANSYS Fluent hydrodynamics software are, in fact, Scheme files.

Along the same line, the .scm extension also associates with the GIMP Script-Fu Script (SCM) file type. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a free and open (GNU GPL license) powerful, flexible, and extensible bitmap-image editing environment for MS Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux. Script-Fu (a dialect of the Scheme scripting language) is used in GIMP to automate routine and complex actions.

Here, an .scm file is a small text-based file with the source code of a Script-Fu (Scheme) script, similar to a macro. GIMP comes with a few SCM scripts pre-installed, and new scripts can be added. All .scm files are easily viewable and editable with a text editor.

Certain Samsung TV sets use the .scm extension to denote exported channel-map files (.scm). A Samsung TV channel map (.scm) is a ZIP archive with XML-based text files inside that define TV, satellite, cable, and other channel mappings. There are utilities that allow to create/edit SCM channel map files on a computer (e.g., SamsChannelEditor).

With the Java-based open-source repository management tool scm-manager, .scm acts as the name of a directory, rather then a filename extension. The .scm directory is where scm-manager stores all its data.

Software to open or convert SCM files

You can open SCM files with the following programs:
5KPlayer by DearMob, Inc.
Wondershare Player(Build)
DVDFab Media Player
DVDFab Media Player by Fengtao Software Inc.
QQ影音 by 腾讯科技(深圳)有限公司

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