ATSLN File Extension

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What is the .ATSLN file type?

Apparently obtained by abbreviating "Atmel Solution," the .atsln filename extension denotes the Atmel Studio 6.x Solution (.atsln) file type. Atmel Studio by Atmel Corporation is an integrated development platform (IDP) for embedded systems based on Atmel AVR and ARM microcontrollers. Both Atmel Studio and Atmel Software Framework (ASF) are distributed free of charge.

Since version 5.0, Atmel Studio uses the concept of solutions to organize and structure the development process. A solution (.atsln, before version 6.0 .avrsln) in Atmel Studio is a highest-level logical entity that may include multiple projects, each of which, in its turn, may consist of multiple files. Each Atmel Studio solution is represented by a single .atsln file and an associated directory structure with a number of project files (.asmproj, .cproj, .cppproj, etc.) included in the solution. The solution file (.atsln) itself is a text file that can be directly opened in a text editor. In Atmel Studio, solutions (.atsln) are organized and managed using the Solution Explorer.


Software to open or convert ATSLN files

You can open ATSLN files with the following programs:
Atmel Studio
Atmel Studio by Atmel
AVR Studio
AVR Studio by Atmel
AVR QTouch Studio
Atmel USB
Atmel USB by Atmel

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