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What is the .DAE file type?

An acronym for 'Digital Asset Exchange,' the .dae filename extension represents the COLLADA Digital Asset Exchange (.dae) file type and format. COLLADA (Collaborative Design Activity) is a community effort to develop and promote an open exchange format for 3D graphics, maintained by the Khronos Group.

Initially devised by Sony Computer Entertainment and released to the Khronos Group, DAE is an open XML 3D graphics format adopted as an international standard (ISO/PAS 17506:2012). Its purpose is to provide a bridge for different and otherwise incompatible Digital Content Creation (DCC), acting as an intermediary.

The .dae file represents a 3D object or scene translated in the COLLADA DAE format. It is an XML file that fits the COLLADA DAE schema. Thanks to its openness, DAE is currently the key asset exchange format in 3D graphics, and DAE import/export is supported in quite a few 3D DCC tools. Numerous online collections post much of their commercial and free 3D artwork as .dae files, in addition to several other highly supported exchange formats.

Software to open or convert DAE files

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