P82 File Extension

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What is the .P82 file type?

The indexed filename extension .p82 represents the file type GAEB-2000 Kostenansatz (GAEB-2000 Cost Estimate) (.p82, .d82) as defined by the German Standing Committee for Electronics in Civil Engineering (Gemeinsamer Ausschuss Elektronik im Bauwesen, GAEB) it its GAEB DA 2000 standard. Being the latest pre-XML issue of the GAEB standars, GAEB DA 2000 requires all files to be saved in the GAEB2000 format and denoted with either a .p[n] or .d[n] extension. The numerical index describes the function of the file and its place in the construction-related data exchange process.

In particular, a .p82 file represents a cost estimate prepared by an architect or other qualified contractor, along with a general job list (.p81 or .d81). All GAEB2000 files, including cost estimates (.p82, .d82), are text documents containing structured records delimited with nested #begin and #end statements. GAEB2000 files are intended to be used by construction professionals who choose to adhere to one of the GAEB data exchange standards. Files like .p82 can be opened and converted to other GAEB formats (GAEB 90 or GAEB XML) using tools like the GAEB-Konverter developed commercially by T&T Datentechnik GmbH.


Software to open or convert P82 files

You can open P82 files with the following programs:
GAEB-Konverter by T&&T Datentechnik GmbH
GAEB-Konverter by T&T Datentechnik GmbH

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