AVASTVPN File Extension

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What is the .AVASTVPN file type?

The .avastvpn filename extension represents the Avast SecureLine License (.avastvpn) file type. Avast SecureLine is a paid online security tool by Avast Software s.r.o. that serves to protect one's privacy and identity while online by setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) tunnel to one of the secure Avast-owned gateways. Avast SecureLine is offered on a commercial basis, and a valid subscription license is required for the software to operate.

An .avastvpn file is an Avast SecureLine license file. It is a small binary file that uses a highly proprietary encrypted format to encode the license details such as the name of the licensee, license validity period, product licensed, etc. Other commercial Avast products such as Avast AntiVirus, Avast Internet Security use a different format and a different extension (.avastlic, Avast License) for their license keys. Since VPN functionality is present in several Avast products, both .avastlic and .avastvpn license keys can be used interchangeably to activate it. When opened, an Avast license file (.avastvpn, .avastlic) is checked for validity, and if valid, activates the licensed software.


Software to open or convert AVASTVPN files

You can open AVASTVPN files with the following programs:
Avast Free Antivirus
Avast Free Antivirus by AVAST Software
Avast Antivirus Gratuit
Avast Antivirus Gratuit by AVAST Software
Avast Internet Security
Avast Internet Security by AVAST Software
avast! Free Antivirus
avast! Free Antivirus by AVAST Software

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