ZFO File Extension

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What is the .ZFO file type?

The .zfo extension is used in conjunction with the 'Extensible Stylesheet Language Formatting Objects (XSL-FO) Form, Zipped' file type to denote XSL-FO zipped form files (.zfo). With the status of a W3C Recommendation (latest version 1.1), XSL-FO is a unified markup language for formatting XML documents, mainly for printing and press publishing.

 A generic XSL-FO form is an XML-based interactive (fillable) document that allows generation of a pre-formatted final PDF or other document, incorporating the data filled in by the user.

A .zfo file is a ZIP archive with an XSL-FO form inside. Like any other ZIP archive, a .zfo file can be password-protected with or without encryption. Non-zipped XSL-FO forms are usually saved with the .fo extension.

ZFO forms can be filled out, saved, printed etc. with the use of form-filler software tools. Additionally, any .zfo file can be opened and its contents viewed and extracted with an archive manager.

Software to open or convert ZFO files

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