E40 File Extension

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What is the .E40 file type?

The .e40 file extension denotes the EASY-SOFT 4/5 Project File (.e40) file type and format associated with EATON's Easy-Soft, an advanced circuit diagram editor used in electronics engineering design to configure different types of EASY and MFD programmable relays and controllers. The software allows users to visualize how electronic circuit components are laid out, edit their parameters and check that the circuit works properly using the built-in offline simulator.

A .e40 file is a project file created in EASY-SOFT v.4.XX or v.5.XX and storing a particular circuit configuration, notably a diagram showing the components and interconnections of the circuit, different parameter settings for individual electronic components, customized texts for MFD displays, etc. The E40 files can be opened in EASY-SOFT v.4.XX or later via the File -> Open command. The latest versions of the software (EASY-SOFT 6.XX) create project files with the .e60 extension.


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