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What is the .WCN file type?

The .wcn filename extension primarily denotes the Writer's Café Notebook (.wcn) file type, with reference to Writer's Café, a cross-platform working environment for fiction writers by Anthemion Software Ltd offering an assortment of writing and creativity tools including notebooks (.wcn).

By default, Writer's Café uses the "Notebook.wcn" file inside the "%UserProfile%\My Documents\Writer's Cafe Documents" directory (Microsoft Windows), but other notebook files (.wcn) can be created in arbitrary locations. The .wcn file defines the general style and appearance of its associated notebook. Additionally, each .wcn file has a sidecar subdirectory with the same name and the .dat extension (e.g., "Notebook.dat" for "Notebook.wcn") where the actual notes are saved. Here, each page is represented by a separate .wcd file (e.g., "page-001.wcd" for page 1).

Such notebook files (.wcn and .wcd) use a proprietary hybrid format, combining binary data structures with XML, and are meant to be used with Writer's Café only. Still, one can easily extract text notes from their XML sections using any Unicode-capable text editor.

The .wcn extension is also assigned to text-based scenario files (.wcn) created and used by WDTestSite, a developer's testing tool included in the WebDev web application development environment (WebDev Development Version, WebDev Application Server). Saved into the "Scenario" subdirectory upon creation, the .wcn file is a text list of recorded actions, to be run on a WebDev site to test its behavior and performance.

Another use of the .wcn extension is related to the Elation Magic-260 Fixture Set (.wcn) file type. Elation Magic-260 is a hardware lighting controller for DJ's and disco clubs manufactured by Elation Professional. WCN is a proprietary file format used by Elation's Magic-260 software when saving compiled sets of lighting fixture profiles. Such fixture sets (.wcn) can be uploaded to the Magic-260 unit's memory via the ULink USB cable.

Software to open or convert WCN files

You can open WCN files with the following programs:
Writer's Café
Writer's Café by Anthemion Software Ltd.

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