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What is the .B4A file type?

The .b4a file extension is primarily associated with the B4A Project Source Code File (.b4a) file type and format used in B4A (formerly known as Basic4android), a powerful yet easy to use app builder tool created by Anywhere Software Ltd. B4A allows users to develop native Android applications using a modified version of the Microsoft Visual Basic programming language, an integrated development environment (IDE) with built-in tools and documentation, and a visual designer supporting various screen types.

Created using the B4A programming language, a .b4a file is a plain text document containing the source code for a B4A project. Such files are used by the B4A IDE to generate corresponding APK packages for software distribution and installation purposes. One can open a .b4a file and view its contents with any regular text editor, however, to make the code easier to read, it's better to use an editor capable of syntax highlighting like Notepad++.

Additionally, the .b4a file extension represents the B4/B4 II Preset File (.b4a) file type associated with the B4 virtual organ software and its updated version B4 II developed by Native Instruments. Now discontinued, B4 and B4 II were used by musicians to reproduce the sounds of the legendary Hammond B3 organ and add a touch of vintage charm to their compositions. In this case, a B4A file is a sound bank storing all presets exported from the software via the Export All command. The default sound collection included in the software contains 120 presets ranging from Rock to Blues. Such .b4a files can be unpacked using the Preset Manager tool in B4/B4 II.

Software to open or convert B4A files

You can open B4A files with the following programs:
B4A by Anywhere Software
Basic4android by Anywhere Software
B4A Trial
B4A Trial by Anywhere Software
Basic4android Trial
Basic4android Trial by Anywhere Software

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