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What is the .GI file type?

Primarily, the filename extension .gi represents the Global-Image (.gi) file format and type. Like Roxio Image (.c2d), Global-Image (.gi) is a proprietary format developed by Sonic Solutions for their paid Roxio CD/DVD burning tools such as Roxio Creator, Roxio Easy CD & DVD Burning, and others. Unlike the standard ISO image format, Global-Image allows to make images of Audio CD's and preserves extended disk metadata.

A .gi file is a disk image saved in the Global-Image format. GI images can be burned back to optical media or mounted on a Roxio virtual drive. Although Global-Image is Roxio's private format, several other CD/DVD tools can also open .gi images and optionally convert them into the standard ISO format. Another way of 'converting' a .gi image is mounting it onto a Roxio virtual drive and creating its ISO image with any CD/DVD ripping tool.

Quite differently, the .gi extension also occurs in association with the Cinema 4D Global Illumination (GI) Cache File (.gi) file type and format, with reference to the powerful 3D animation and modeling software Cinema 4D (C4D) from Maxon. To speed up rendering, C4D pre-caches the irradiance map, creating GI cache files in the "ILLUM" folder at the current project's (.c4d) level as governed by the Irradiance Cache File settings tab.

In programming for GNOME, a GUI desktop environment for GNU/Linux, the .gi extension is assigned to GObject Introspection files generated with the "vala-gen-introspect" tool. The purpose of the text-based .gi file is in providing a list of objects, functions, constants, etc. for Vala API (VAPI) GObject library bindings (.vapi) in GLib/GTK+ applications.

Software to open or convert GI files

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