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What is the .MSG file type?

The .msg extension belongs to the Outlook Item file format and the associated MSG file type. Outlook Item is a proprietary format developed by Microsoft (MS) on the base of the Compound File Binary (CFB) file format. MS has published the Outlook Item format description (MS-OXMG) as part of the MS Open Specifications.

The MSG format employs the concept of streams and storages, allowing to package different data types in the same .msg file. This makes it possible to store e-mail message fields, attachments, MS Outlook calendar events, schedules, etc. in a single MSG message item file.

MSG files are natively used by MS Outlook, an e-mail client and contact organizer application by MS, part of the popular MS Office suite, to save individual message items (in contrast to .pst files that hold entire mailboxes).

MSG files can also be handled by any application that supports MS MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface). Besides, there are several standalone utilities that allow to open/view and convert .msg files (mainly to .eml).

Software to open or convert MSG files

You can open MSG files with the following programs:
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office by Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook by Microsoft Corporation
Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Office Outlook by Microsoft Corporation

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