MP4V File Extension

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What is the .MP4V file type?

The filename extension .mp4v belongs to the generic MPEG-4 Video File file type also denoted by several other extensions such as .mp4, .m4v, .mov, or .avi. The 'v' character in the .mp4v extension stands for 'video,' reserving this subtype for video files only, while other files like .mp4a contain solely audio. MPEG-4 is a reference to a multimedia container format developed by the MPEG Group for encoded video and/or audio data.

An .mp4v file is an MPEG-4 video file. It is a container that can be opened, decoded, and played back by any multimedia player that supports the codecs used to encode the file's content. While a choice of several audio and video codecs exists for the MPEG-4 container, H.264/AAC is the most commonly used pair for HD video (.mp4v, .mp4). For all practical purposes, the .mp4 and .mp4v extensions can be used interchangeably, the latter being slightly more specific. Technically, they refer to the same file type designated by the video/mp4 MIME type. On a PC or Mac, the .mp4v (.mp4) extension commonly gets associated with the multimedia player currently set as default.


Software to open or convert MP4V files

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