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What is the .HML file type?

The .hml filename extension is primarily associated with the Thinkfree Office XML Document (.hml) file type, denoting the newer, XML-based file format adopted in Thinkfree Office (formerly, Hancom Office). Thinkfree Office is a suite of common office productivity applications (word processor, spreadsheets, drawing, etc.) with full support of Hangul (Korean characters), commercially available from Hancom Inc. on several platforms, including Android.

The .hml file is a Thinkfree Office Hangul document. It is an XML representation of the earlier binary document format (HWP) used by default in Hancom Office. HML comes as a de facto successor of HWP. All Thinkfree Office file formats, .hml included, can be opened and edited directly in Thinkfree Office. Besides the full-blown office suite, a free Thinkfree Office Viewer is available from Hancom Inc. for viewing .hml and other Hancom-family documents. Additionally, Hancom documents (.hml, .hwp) can be opened and/or converted to other formats using several third-party (incl. Android) applications.

Besides, the .hml extension was chosen by A. Nikolaychuk ("Unwinder"), the author of the popular low-level overclocking and monitoring tool RivaTuner for nVidia GPU's, to represent the RivaTuner Hardware Monitoring Log (.hml) file type. When running, RivaTuner keeps track of the GPU's core voltage, temperature, and fan speed and logs such data as .hml files. RivaTuner hardware monitoring logs (.hml) use a custom format and can be opened in RivaTuner or via a double-click in Windows Explorer as RivaTuner registers itself as the default handler of the .hml file type.

Standing for 'HostMonitor List' (HML), the .hml extension also represents the HostMonitor TestList (.hml) file type and format, with reference to HostMonitor, a paid network host monitoring and testing tool for Microsoft Windows by Advanced Network Software. In a private binary format, a test list (.hml) contains definitions of all tests to be performed and monitored on a network server using HostMonitor. A special tool, HML Manager, is provided for working with TestList (.hml) files in HostMonitor.

The .hml dotted string may also appear as a filename extension instead of .html or .htm as a result of a typing error. Although such typos are quite common, .hml is a totally separate filename suffix in its own right, unrelated to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). For HTML, the only valid extensions are .html and .htm.

Software to open or convert HML files

You can open HML files with the following programs:
MSI Afterburner
MSI Afterburner by MSI Co., LTD
RivaTuner by Alexey Nicolaychuk

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