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What is the .BLK file type?

The filename extension .blk primarily represents the ABBYY FineReader Area Template (.blk) file type. It is associated with ABBYY FineReader, a premium commercial Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software product for Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X by ABBYY. To speed up the OCR process for documents with complex layouts, ABBYY FineReader allows to save the detected block layout to as an area template (.blk). Saved using the Save Area Template… command from the Area menu in FineReader, such area templates (.blk) are mainly used for routine OCR processing of similar documents (forms, reports, etc.).

In War Thunder, a massive multi-player online war game by Gaijin Entertainment, the .blk extension is used to denote the game's configuration files. The main configuration file (config.blk), responsible for all of the game's settings, is located in the game's installation directory. It is updated every time the War Thunder client is launched. Besides config.blk, other .blk files control miscellaneous aspects of the game's behavior. Editable in any text editor, such .blk configuration files are the popular target for tweaking the game's performance among War Thunder players.

Additionally, the .blk extension relates to the Autodesk AutoCAD Block Template (.blk) file type that belongs to the Autodesk AutoCAD commercial Computer-Aided Design (CAD) system by Autodesk Inc. In AutoCAD, a block template (.blk) acts as a predefined model that determines what parts (blocks) of the DWG drawing are to be included in published output and saved as PDF, DWF, or DWFX. Block templates (.blk) are created and manipulated using a set of commands available in the Publish Options → DWF Data Options panel.

The .blk extension also represents the ZX Spectrum Tape File (.blk, .tap) file type, with reference to software emulation of a legacy 8-bit home computer known as Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Once very popular, ZX Spectrum used audio tapes to save and load data. The .blk or .tap file is a digital image of a data tape that can be read or written using a ZX Spectrum emulator. Both the .blk and the .tap files use the same underlying format, supported by most ZX Spectrum emulators.

In Electric Quilt (EQ), a commercial quilt design product developed by The Electric Quilt Company, the .blk extension is bound with the EQ Block Library (.blk) file type. A block library (.blk) is a binary file in EQ's own format that contains a set of square design patterns, or blocks. An assortment of EQ block libraries is available for downloading as .blk files from the EQ official website.

Besides, the .blk extension is used to denote the Amiga IFF (.blk, .iff) image files that use the generic Interchange File Format (IFF) format developed in mid-1980's for the Amiga platform. The .blk or .iff file is a binary container for a series of so-called chunks of data that in case of image would represent bitmap graphics. Such Amiga IFF (.blk,.iff) files can be directly opened by several image viewers and editors.

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